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Div: North West U11 Hard Ball A

  28/04/2017 18:00:00North West U11 Hard Ball AAshby Hastings U11 BLoughborough Town U1101/05/2017
  28/04/2017 18:00:00North West U11 Hard Ball AKegworth Town U11Long Whatton U1128/04/2017
  28/04/2017 18:00:00North West U11 Hard Ball ARatby Town U11Grace Dieu Park U1102/05/2017
  28/04/2017 18:00:00North West U11 Hard Ball ALoughborough Carillon U11Appleby Magna U1102/05/2017

Div: North East U11 Hard Ball

  28/04/2017 18:00:00North East U11 Hard BallSileby Town U11Rothley Park U1129/04/2017
  28/04/2017 18:00:00North East U11 Hard BallFrisby U11Thorpe Arnold U11 04/05/2017
  28/04/2017 18:00:00North East U11 Hard BallSyston Town U11Quorn U1130/04/2017
  28/04/2017 18:00:00North East U11 Hard BallCropston U11Barrow Town U1130/04/2017

Div: North East U13 B

  30/04/2017 10:00:00North East U13 BSyston Town U13Cropston U1330/04/2017
  30/04/2017 10:00:00North East U13 BEgerton Park U13Thorpe Arnold U1308/05/2017
  30/04/2017 10:00:00North East U13 BFrisby U13Market Overton U13 04/05/2017
  30/04/2017 10:00:00North East U13 BWymeswold U13Queniborough U13  

Div: North West U13 B

  30/04/2017 10:00:00North West U13 BSileby Town U13 BShepshed Town U1302/05/2017
  30/04/2017 10:00:00North West U13 BBarrow Town U13 AKegworth Town U1301/05/2017
  30/04/2017 10:00:00North West U13 BAppleby, Austrey & Newton U13Loughborough Greenfields U1302/05/2017

Div: North East U13 Cup A

  30/04/2017 10:00:00North East U13 Cup AOakham U13Thrumpton U1330/04/2017

Div: North East U13 Cup B

  30/04/2017 10:00:00North East U13 Cup BQuorn U13Melton Mowbray U1302/05/2017

Div: North West U13 Cup A

  30/04/2017 10:00:00North West U13 Cup ARothley Park U13Ashby Hastings U1303/05/2017

Div: North West U13 Cup B

  30/04/2017 10:00:00North West U13 Cup BNewtown Linford U13Sileby Town U1302/05/2017

Div: South East U13 Cup A

  30/04/2017 10:00:00South East U13 Cup AHoughton & Thurnby U13 ACity Cricket Academy U13 A 01/05/2017

Div: South East U13 Cup B

  30/04/2017 10:00:00South East U13 Cup BCountesthorpe U13City Cricket Academy U13 B 02/05/2017

Div: South West U13 Cup A

  30/04/2017 10:00:00South West U13 Cup ANewbold Verdon U13Bulkington Bears U13 02/05/2017
  30/04/2017 10:00:00South West U13 Cup ANarborough & Littlethorpe U13Cosby U1305/05/2017

Div: North East U17 Cup A

  01/05/2017 18:00:00North East U17 Cup ACrown Hills U17Rothley Park U17 05/05/2017
  01/05/2017 18:00:00North East U17 Cup AThorpe Arnold U17Thrumpton U1703/05/2017

Div: North West U17 Cup A

  01/05/2017 18:00:00North West U17 Cup AGrace Dieu Park U17Shepshed U1701/05/2017

Div: North West U17 Cup B

  01/05/2017 18:00:00North West U17 Cup BNewtown Linford U17Sileby Town U1702/05/2017

Div: North West U17 Cup C

  01/05/2017 18:00:00North West U17 Cup CBroomleys U17Loughborough Outwoods U1706/05/2017

Div: South East U17 Cup A

  01/05/2017 18:00:00South East U17 Cup AGilmorton U17Houghton & Thurnby U17 02/05/2017

Div: South West U17 Cup A

  01/05/2017 18:00:00South West U17 Cup ABarwell U17Newbold Verdon U1702/05/2017
  01/05/2017 18:00:00South West U17 Cup ACity Cricket Academy U17Leicester Ivanhoe U17 02/05/2017

Div: North East U15 B

  03/05/2017 18:00:00North East U15 BFrisby U15Melton Mowbray U15 05/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00North East U15 BEgerton Park U15Plumtree U1503/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00North East U15 BOld Dalby U15Syston Town U1504/05/2017

Div: North West U15 B

  03/05/2017 18:00:00North West U15 BAustrey & Newton Regis U15Queniborough U15 06/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00North West U15 BCropston U15Rothley Park U1505/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00North West U15 BIbstock Town U15Long Whatton U1515/05/2017

Div: South East U15 B

  03/05/2017 18:00:00South East U15 BKibworth U15 BGreat Glen U1506/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00South East U15 BHoughton & Thurnby U15 BCity Cricket Academy U15 B 08/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00South East U15 BElectricity Sports U15Market Harborough U1504/05/2017

Div: South West U15 B

  03/05/2017 18:00:00South West U15 BNarborough & Littlethorpe U15Bitteswell U1505/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00South West U15 BKirby Muxloe U15Enderby U1508/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00South West U15 BCosby U15 Dunton Bassett U1507/05/2017

Div: North East U15 Cup A

  03/05/2017 18:00:00North East U15 Cup ASoar Valley Strollers U15Crown Hills U15 03/05/2017

Div: North East U15 Cup B

  03/05/2017 18:00:00North East U15 Cup BSileby Town U15Thrumpton U1506/05/2017

Div: North West U15 Cup A

  03/05/2017 18:00:00North West U15 Cup ANewtown Linford U15Barrow Town U1504/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00North West U15 Cup AGrace Dieu Park U15Ratby Town U1508/05/2017

Div: North West U15 Cup B

  03/05/2017 18:00:00North West U15 Cup BAshby Hastings U15Shepshed U1504/05/2017
  03/05/2017 18:00:00North West U15 Cup BLoughborough Town U15Kegworth Town U1504/05/2017

Div: South East U15 Cup A (Showing 1 of 2 items. Group continues on the next page.)

  03/05/2017 18:00:00South East U15 Cup ACountesthorpe U15Kibworth U15 A04/05/2017