Recent Results from the Leicestershire Youth Cricket League

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Div: North West U17 A

  21/05/2018Shepshed U171-04Won by DefaultAshby Hastings U170-100Conceded  
  21/05/2018Ibstock Town U17171-44 Kegworth Town U17112-30  

Div: North East U17

  21/05/2018Sileby Town U17112-84C.Yates 50* retiredMelton U1785-100  

Div: South East U17

  21/05/2018Houghton & Thurnby U17 A186-24 Cosby U1780-60  

Div: South West U17

  21/05/2018Enderby U171-04Won by DefaultKirby Muxloe U170-100Conceded  
  21/05/2018Leicester Ivanhoe U1795-50Gale 47 not outCity Cricket Academy U17 A96-14Jacob 52 not out, Bhart 37 not out 

Div: North East U13 B

  20/05/2018Frisby U130-100Conceded Market Overton U131-04Won by Default 
  20/05/2018Thorpe Arnold U13 B60-100Louis Stokeley 16 NO and 2 overs 0 maidens 13 runs 2 wktsMelton Mowbray U1390-54Liam Tew 25 retired and 2.4 overs 1 maiden 3 runs 3wkts 
  20/05/2018Thrumpton U1399-50Jack Phillips 26* (RET)Egerton Park U13102-14Will Creed 25* (RET) 

Div: North West U13 B

  20/05/2018Kegworth Town U13150-34William Harrison 25 retired Isaac Widdowson 25 retired Ollie Howard 25 retiredAppleby Magna U1374-50S Hains 3-19 
  20/05/2018Long Whatton U1373-60 Loughborough Greenfields U1376-34  

Div: North West U15 B

  23/05/2018Long Whatton U150-100Conceded Ashby Hastings U151-04Won by Default 

Div: North East U13 Cup A

  20/05/2018Leicester Caribbean U1357-100 Crown Hills U13173-64  

Div: North East U13 Cup B

  20/05/2018Cropston U1390-34J Fitzpatrick 26 retired E York 15no J Patel 4 0 14 2 Newtown Linford U1389-100L Osborne 27 retired C Storey 27 retiredJJ  

Div: North East U13 Cup C

  20/05/2018Sileby Town U131-04Won by DefaultQueniborough U130-100Conceded  

Div: North East U13 Cup D

  20/05/2018Barkby United U131-04Won by DefaultOakham U130-100Conceded  

Div: North West U13 Cup A

  20/05/2018Shepshed U1350-24 Grace Dieu Park U1349-100  

Div: North West U13 Cup B

  20/05/2018Loughborough Town U1398-70 Barrow Town U1399-64  
  20/05/2018Ibstock Town U131-04Won by DefaultQuorn U130-100Conceded  

Div: South East U13 Cup A

  20/05/2018Kibworth U13 A87-34 Countesthorpe U13 A86-80  

Div: South East U13 Cup B

  20/05/2018Countesthorpe U13 B96-70 Houghton & Thurnby U13 A149-44  

Div: South West U13 Cup A

  20/05/2018Newbold Verdon U131-04Won by DefaultKirby Muxloe U130-100Conceded  
  20/05/2018Cosby U1362-70 Lutterworth U1364-04  

Div: North East U11 Cup A

  18/05/2018Cropston U11277-54 Quorn U11217-90  
  18/05/2018Sileby Town U111-04Won by DefaultRothley Park U110-100Conceded  

Div: North East U11 Cup B

  18/05/2018Syston Town U110-100Conceded Market Overton U111-04Won by Default 

Div: North West U11 Cup A

  18/05/2018Ashby Hastings U11266-14 Long Whatton U11261-20  

Div: North West U11 Cup B

  18/05/2018Barrow Town U111-04Won by DefaultIbstock Town U110-100Conceded  

Div: South East U11 Cup A

  18/05/2018Great Glen U11233-100 City Cricket Academy U11 B275-104  
  18/05/2018Langtons U11260-1045 wicket haul for Tamsin Snape, 3 wickets for Joseph Rhodes.Kibworth U11213-100  

Div: South East U11 Cup B

  18/05/2018City Cricket Academy U11 A108-14 Kibworth U11 B27-100  
  18/05/2018Electricity Sports U11237-100 Houghton & Thurnby U11314-14  

Div: South West U11 Cup A

  18/05/2018Lutterworth U111-04Won by DefaultBulkington Bears U110-100Conceded  
  18/05/2018Newbold Verdon U11262-14 Dunton Bassett U11219-70Harry Bell 4-13, Charlie Coope 2-9 

Div: South West U11 Cup B

  18/05/2018Enderby U11233-100 Countesthorpe U11280-104  

Div: South U13 B

  20/05/2018Lutterworth U13 B54-100 Dunton Bassett U1357-24  
  20/05/2018Enderby U1359-60 Barwell U13103-04  
  20/05/2018Leicester Ivanhoe U130-100Conceded Ratby Town U131-04Won by Default 
  20/05/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U130-100Conceded Gilmorton U131-04Won by Default 
  20/05/2018Market Harborough U1379-34 Kibworth U13 B77-50  

Div: South U15 B

  23/05/2018Bitteswell U1568-100 Lutterworth U15 B69-24  
  23/05/2018Enderby U151-04Won by DefaultNarborough & Littlethorpe U150-100Conceded