Team Results for Lutterworth U13 in Leicestershire Youth Cricket League

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Div: South East U13 A

  02/06/2019Countesthorpe U1370-104 Lutterworth U1366-100  
  09/06/2019Market Harborough U1391-54 Lutterworth U1367-100  
  16/06/2019Lutterworth U130-02Match Abandoned rearranging the fixtureEnderby U130-02Match Abandoned  
  23/06/2019Crown Hills U1372-100 Lutterworth U1399-104  
  30/06/2019Lutterworth U130-100being re arranged due to charity event being held on same day Kibworth U13 A1-104  
  07/07/2019Lutterworth U13108-54 Countesthorpe U1391-70  
  28/07/2019Lutterworth U130-100Conceded Market Harborough U131-04Won by Default 
  04/08/2019Enderby U1331-100 Lutterworth U13158-34  

Div: South U13 Cup C

  05/05/2019Lutterworth U1334-100 Countesthorpe U1393-64  
  12/05/2019City Cricket Academy U13 A90-24 Lutterworth U1389-40  
  19/05/2019Enderby U1386-50Albert P 25 ret. Anant K 25 ret.Lutterworth U13144-34Harry C 25 ret. Jack C 26 ret. Elliott S 25 ret.