Team Results for Quorn U13 in Leicestershire Youth Cricket League

  DateHomeh Scoreh PtsHome Inns HighlightsAwaya Scorea PtsAway Inns HighlightsPC
Div: North East U13 B
  05/05/2019Quorn U13141-54James Elvidge 26 retiredLoughborough Greenfields U13103-50James **** 26 retired 
  12/05/2019Quorn U1378-100 Thorpe Arnold U1379-14  
  19/05/2019Wymeswold U1392-34 Quorn U1390-100  
  02/06/2019Quorn U1398-100T McKinley (Quorn) 26 retired (then out on return) T Spray (Quorn) 4-2-5-2Oakham U13 B99-54Maxie (Oakham) 25 retired 
  09/06/2019Loughborough Carillon U1388-100 Quorn U1389-34  
  16/06/2019Loughborough Greenfields U130-02Match Abandoned Quorn U130-02Match Abandoned  
  23/06/2019Thorpe Arnold U13166-64Libby Perkins 52 not out Campbell Searle 35 not out Louis Stoakley 35 bowled All 3 of the above retired and returned as agreed in the U13s B league.Quorn U1369-60Lawrence 4 overs 0 maidens 15 runs 3 wickets 
  30/06/2019Quorn U1373-100R Knott & O McDougall both took 3 wickets in an overWymeswold U1387-104Joe Wells retired 27 and 3 wickets in an over 
  07/07/2019Oakham U13 B86-100 Quorn U13140-44  
  28/07/2019Quorn U130-02Match Abandoned Loughborough Carillon U130-02Match Abandoned  
  04/08/2019Quorn U1388-104 Loughborough Greenfields U1371-100  
  11/08/2019Quorn U130-02Match Abandoned 52-4 off 10.5 overs when rain prevented anymore playThorpe Arnold U130-02Match Abandoned 113 all out batting first 
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