Team Results for Enderby U11 in Leicestershire Youth Cricket League

  DateHomeh Scoreh PtsHome Inns HighlightsAwaya Scorea PtsAway Inns HighlightsPC
Div: South U11 Cup A
  03/05/2019Enderby U11275-104Well done to both teams for playing the game in 'difficult' conditions.Countesthorpe U11266-100  
  10/05/2019Enderby U110-02Match Abandoned Lutterworth U110-02Match Abandoned  
  17/05/2019Enderby U11283-104 Bitteswell U11203-100  
Div: South U11 B
  07/06/2019Enderby U110-02Match Abandoned Bitteswell U110-02Match Abandoned  
  14/06/2019Enderby U110-02Match Abandoned City Cricket Academy U11 A0-02Match Abandoned  
  28/06/2019Enderby U11258-100 Countesthorpe U11279-104  
  26/07/2019Bitteswell U11273-100 Enderby U11299-104  
  02/08/2019City Cricket Academy U11 A109-44 Enderby U1150-60  
  09/08/2019Enderby U111-04Won by DefaultLutterworth U110-100Conceded  
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