Team Results for Narborough & Littlethorpe U11 in Leicestershire Youth Cricket League

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Div: South West U11 Hard Ball A

  01/06/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U111-04Won by DefaultDunton Bassett U110-100Conceded  
  08/06/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U11276-60 Bulkington Bears U11299-34  
  15/06/2018Enderby U11298-104 Narborough & Littlethorpe U11277-100  
  22/06/2018Newbold Verdon U11273-60Harry Bell 31, Charlie Handford 18 Narborough & Littlethorpe U11282-64  
  29/06/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U111-04Won by DefaultCosby U110-100Conceded  
  06/07/2018Wolvey U11289-54 Narborough & Littlethorpe U11287-60  
  27/07/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U11288-60 Countesthorpe U11299-64  
  03/08/2018Lutterworth U11272-70 Narborough & Littlethorpe U11286-54  
  10/08/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U111-04Won by DefaultHinckley Amateur U110-100Conceded  

Div: South West U11 Incrediball

  27/04/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U110-02Match Abandoned Leicester Ivanhoe U110-02Match Abandoned  
  11/05/2018Electricity Sports U11307-54 Narborough & Littlethorpe U11263-10  
  25/05/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U110-100Conceded Barwell U111-04Won by Default 
  08/06/2018Earl Shilton U11296-34 Narborough & Littlethorpe U11256-70  
  06/07/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U11254-100 Leicester Ivanhoe U11336-104  
  27/07/2018Electricity Sports U11340-54This fixture was moved from 27/7/2018 to 03/08/2018 and played at Narborough. The match was won by Electricity Sports and recorded as a home fixture for them.Narborough & Littlethorpe U11270-40  
  10/08/2018Earl Shilton U110-100Conceded Narborough & Littlethorpe U111-04Won by Default 

Div: South West U11 Cup B

  11/05/2018Narborough & Littlethorpe U11283-74 Enderby U11225-70  
  18/05/2018Cosby U110-100Conceded Narborough & Littlethorpe U111-04Won by Default 
  25/05/2018Countesthorpe U11317-14 Narborough & Littlethorpe U11277-30