Team Results for Shepshed U15 in Leicestershire Youth Cricket League

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Div: North West U15 A

  06/06/2018Barrow Town U15126-44Alex Seymour 47 Very close game, won with a six from the last ball.Shepshed U15 125-40A Miller 34 
  13/06/2018Shepshed U1581-14 Loughborough Town U15 77-80  
  20/06/2018Newtown Linford U15121-40H.Bates 50*Shepshed U15 125-34  
  27/06/2018Ibstock Town U1580-70 Shepshed U15 221-64  
  04/07/2018Shepshed U15151-54 Thrumpton U15 91-50  
  11/07/2018Grace Dieu Park U150-100Conceded Shepshed U15 1-04Won by Default 
  01/08/2018Shepshed U15204-104 Kegworth Town U15 110-100  
  08/08/2018Shepshed U15173-34 Barrow Town U15 135-50  
  15/08/2018Loughborough Town U15142-30 Shepshed U15 143-44  

Div: North West U15 Cup A

  02/05/2018Shepshed U15 1-04Won by DefaultThrumpton U150-100Conceded  
  09/05/2018Kegworth Town U15129-74Howard 41Shepshed U15 114-40  
  16/05/2018Shepshed U15 1-04Won by DefaultGrace Dieu Park U150-100Conceded